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Pick n Mix Wellness Post Pack

The easy way to get social media working for you.

My mind's a blank!!

Are you a business owner in the health, wellness and fitness field?

Do you regularly sit staring at a blank screen or flashing cursor wondering what on earth you are going to write about?

You know you need to write great text to engage your followers and get them buying from you, but you just don't know how.

Pick n Mix Posts are what you need.  Content ideas and images made for you that you can download and post into your Facebook Page or group, Instagram or other chosen social media platform.  

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Getting started with Social Media can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all!

With Pick n Mix Wellness Posts all the content is focussed for health, wellness and fitness.  So if you are a fitness instructor, group exercise instructor, Boogie Bounce, Zumba or Clubbercise instructor, personal trainer, dance teacher, therapist, nutritionist, hypnotherapist, nail technician, counsellor, reflexologist, podiatrist, physiotherapist, mindfulness coach or yoga teacher this is for you.

Business posting on social media doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring.  In fact, you want to have fun so that your customers have fun and want to do business with you.  It doesn't have to take forever, either.  

Using the tools created for you means that you can concentrate on building your business in the way you want to without having to worry or think about what to post each day.

EVERY MONTH you will get:

  • Daily planner with posting ideas
  • 30 Inspirational Images for Fitness, Health and Wellness (you must add your own logo or branding)
  • 30 Templates if you want to be a bit more creative - you can change to your branding colours or text
  • 15 Awareness Day images and hashtags
  • 10 Talking Points Images for getting interaction from followers
  • 7 Days of the Week images
  • Quotes and Questions that you can turn into posts

You can download your image, add your logo, get a content idea from the planner, add your hashtags and post to Facebook and Instagram.  If you schedule your posts you could get your month's posts done in a couple of hours because all the hard work has been done for you.  You will save so much time so you can go and do something more important, like spending time with your family.

For just £39.97 per month, you can get your social media working for you.

You also get access to the Facebook group with weekly training and tips and a whole lot of support from like-minded business people in the health, wellness & fitness field.

Engaging Posts

The planner has a content prompt for each day as well as Awareness Day ideas.  

Pick Hashtags to add to your posts to engage with a new audience

Made for you images

No need to find appropriate images for your posts.  We've got it covered.

30 images every month to go with your posts.

15 Awareness Day images

7 Days of the Week images

10 Talking Points images

Training and Community

Exclusive Facebook group for like-minded health and fitness business owners.

Training posts and videos to help you to make the most of your Pick n Mix Wellness posts.

Yes I want to be able to get my posts done quickly and easily
Pick n Mix Wellness Posts Monthly Card
Join today for just £39.97 per month

“Brilliant package such good value and Louise is so helpful!! 100% recommend to anyone”


“Louise has been an absolute star in keeping my business page alive with relevant content that engages people. It’s not just me posting a quick “sell” post which people get fed up of”


“Highly recommend GoodForever Social Media Pack and Support Packages, for anyone that struggles to find the time to schedule daily branded posts, or doesn't have the knowledge or expertise to do so.”

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