Zoom AID

Audio Input Device

The Zoom AID (Audio Input Device) is a nifty little gadget that you plug between your sound system (mic + music mixed) and your phone via the headphone jack. It's particularly useful if you are holding classes with music.  You can use your phone to stream to Zoom, sharing a good quality sound rather than a scratchy sound that is usually picked up by the phone's microphone.

It would mean that you could join the Zoom revolution and do fitness classes online with Zoom and you wouldn't need a laptop to do it.

To use it you would need your normal sound system using a music source (other than your phone) and a bluetooth speaker or headphones and a lead (phono to phono). 

Can also be used with PC laptops (using the headset socket)

Can be used for Zoom, Facebook Live, Skype, WhatsApp, Houseparty and another other conferencing software.

ZoomAID Audio Input Device from GoodForever

If you want to see what kind of results you will get with your ZoomAID, have a listen to this file.  It was recorded in two sessions with the same background sound in each, of a war film and two people talking.   They both had the same music track playing 3 extracts (Can't Touch This, Base Drop Extreme and Madam Butterfly, Can't Touch This again) and I spoke over the top.  I used the built-in microphone on the phone and music playing through a sound system in the first clip.  In the second clip I plugged a microphone and music source into the sound system, then put this mixed output into the ZoomAid which then fed to the same phone I used in the first clip. You will hear the difference the ZoomAID makes.

How to plug it in

A short video to show you a potential way to plug in your music and microphone into your sound system and then to your ZoomAID

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ZoomAID card